Transforming Information Ltd

Chris has more than 30 years experience of living with, managing, analysing and understanding data and information – mostly in enterprises with thousands of participants

Information about many things including Assets, Organisations, Individuals, Demographics, Markets, Products, Customers, Sales, Purchases, Projects, Financials, Manufacturing, R&D

Information of many types including master data, reference data, classification data (taxonomies), transaction data, analytical data, ERP data, BI data, codes, GTINs, EAN codes, UPC, barcodes, meta data, data standards

Information within different organisations including Marketing-led Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Sales-led Business to Business, Manufacturing, NGOs, Not-for-Profit

Different Activities with Information including consulting, using, programming, data designing, process designing, coding, classifying, data management, data stewardship, prioritising, advising, standardising, improving quality, debugging.

Information in different cultures, working with people from all continents.

Understanding software. Chris was once hands-on with software including OLAPs, ERPs and Databases of many kinds, and he still is prepared to “get his hands dirty” when necessary.